miércoles, 12 de octubre de 2016

RELEASE: SoloBSD 6.0 - OpenBSD Edition

We are pleased to announce the new RELEASE of SoloBSD 6.0-OpenBSD Edition built upon  OpenBSD 6.0 and i3wm as our Desktop Environment.

Changelog v6.0

This respin is based on the work of the SnasciOS project. Installed packages are Firefox, Hexchat, Git, rofi, compton, dunst and scrot.

The i3wm runs with customized conf and i3status.conf files which you can override creating yours. $mod key is set to Windows key.

Installation is exactly the same as installing OpenBSD, just add +site60.tgz in the packages selection stage. After the install you will be prompted for your OpenBSD mirror of preference in order to install our selection of software packages. On completion of install, reboot and enjoy!

You can grab it from Here. (516 Mb)

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