miércoles, 1 de junio de 2016

SoloBSD Mastering: GitHub

For some weeks, I have been trying to use GitHub to manage the SoloBSD Project and make things easier for me.

So I started documenting myself and first I got to this useful Cheat Sheet. With the help of this one I was able to clone, pull, make changes to my code and push them to the remote repo. But something was missing, I need to sync my modified repo with the official HardenedBSD Stable repo in order to have the latest commits in mine.

I found this straightforward video:

Basically, what I did was:

  • Add an upstream inside my project's path.
  • Fetch the changes from it.
  • Merge the changes into my code.
  • Push them into my remote repo.
Voilà! Now my GitHub repo is synced with the HardenedBSD Stable repo.


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