martes, 29 de diciembre de 2015


There is a new build of SoloBSD 10.2 based on the latest HardenedBSD stable branch version 38

Changelog v38:

From HardenedBSD:

HBSD: print __HardenedBSD_version in dmesg
HBSD: Add MAP32BIT ASLR settings to relevent options files
HBSD NOEXEC: restrict stack protection at stack growing time
HBSD: style and compile fix in 32bit case
HBSD: bump __HardenedBSD_version to 38 after MAP_32BIT randmization
HBSD: proprely implement ASLR in MAP_32BIT case on LP64 platforms (MAP_32BIT mmaps are by default denied on HardenedBSD)

Updated packages:

- ipmitool 1.8.15
- rsync 3.1.1_4
- tmux 2.1

You can grab it from Here. (45.2 Mb)

root password: solobsd

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