viernes, 6 de noviembre de 2015

RELEASE: SoloBSD 10.2-STABLE-v34.2

Finally here is the final build for SoloBSD 10.2-STABLE-v34.2.

Some pending ideas were achieved today:

   - SOLOBSD kernel is a mashup of GENERIC HardenedBSD STABLE branch kernel and GhostBSD's
   - Init shell for root now is set to mksh, ksh93 is available too.
   - Switched to OpenNTPD
   - Available packages: cpdup, dmidecode, e2fsprogs, ipmitool, nano, rsync, smartmontools, tmux

What's next?

  - Next releases will be paired to HardenedBSD's STABLE builds.

You can grab it from Here. (45.2 Mb)

root password: solobsd

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